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Would a meaningful gift like a spa visit, prepared meal service, or manicure at home, be more useful and enjoyable to a new mom then a traditional gift? How about a beer tasting, brewery tour, or collection of craft beers instead of another mug for the beer enthusiast? The overwhelming answer is yes, most of us would be ecstatic to get a meaningful experience gift over the myriad of material gifts traditionally given. Experience gifts were once reserved for those with unlimited funds and skilled creativity, but that has all changed.  The internet has evened the playing field and now anyone can easily give a meaningful experience gift. All you need, is this the right information and ideas and you will be able to choose and present the very best gift experiences for everyone in your life.

The value of gifting experiences can’t be denied.  After years of giving and receiving experience gifts, I was determined to make the process easy and accessible for everyone. I created this detailed guide with ideas, designs, and information to take all the obstacles and guesswork out of experience gifting for you!

Easy solutions to common experience gift issues

Most people are in awe when receiving an experience gift, they are amazed that you were so creative, thoughtful and can’t imagine how you managed to give such an amazing personalized gift.  They think that they could never replicate that experience for others, but in reality it is very simple to do. I get told time and time again that it seems too complicated, expensive, or time consuming, but nothing could be further from the truth. Just like any aspect of life if you have a proven system in place the process becomes simple and gifting experiences become even easier than the traditional gifts you are used to giving.  The plan or system for gifting must make sure that you can easily match a gift with a recipient based on your criteria and that you can present the gift experience in an interesting way.  I couldn’t find the information I was looking for online, so I created a method and designs for my personal use. I have now adapted them both so that anyone can take advantage of them when giving experience gifts. 

The simple method for gifting experiences

Most gift experience guides give you a list of ideas for certain types of people or events.  The reality is that a gift experience can be given to friends, couples, family, and even coworkers but you need more information to choose the right gift experience. I created a detailed list of experience gift ideas that are grouped by experience type with the information you need make the best choice. The simple method is based on the answers to 3 basic questions.

What does the gift recipient need or like?

The best experience gifts are thoughtful and personal so taking the time to narrow down experience that can be appreciated by a specific person is important. Our guide is broken up into experiences that fall into categories for people that would enjoy:

  • Pampering Experiences: ways to unwind and care for the body and mind
  • Sports Experiences: activities that are related to any type of sport
  • Food & Drink Experiences: related to any type of eating or drinking 
  • Arts & Culture Experiences: music, theater, and all arts related experiences 
  • Recreational Experiences: leisure activities for everyone
  • Adventure Experiences: focuses on something new or exciting
  • General Experiences: some basic ideas that can be used in many gift giving situations 

How much can you spend on an experience gift?

Gift giving rarely is a one size fits all situation so knowing what your budget it for the occasion is important when choosing the right gift. There are tons of ideas for every budget so don’t let funds deter you. In addition, there are many online sites like Viator or Living Social that can even help you find unique experiences with deals and quality reviews. Our guide breaks up the estimated cost into the 4 categories listed below.

  • $ under 40 dollars per person
  • $ around 40-75 per person
  • $$ around 75-150 per person
  • $$ over 150 per person

How will you present the experience gift?

Once the perfect gift experience is chosen, the focus shifts to presenting the gift to the recipient.  I tried many different methods, but the most successful was a personalized gift certificate/voucher. Some experience gifts come with a gift certificate, yet I found that including a personalized one was much more meaningful. I designed a template that could be used as a foundation for the presentation of all experience gifts. The voucher included the experience and a personal message in creative design that could be easily updated for any gift experience.  The best part about the voucher was that it was printable and could be paired with any type of gift presentation. The voucher design could go in a gift box, basket, bag, envelope, or in an accessory related to the gifting experience.  A free experience gift certificate template is offered at the end of the article.

The list of Experience Gift Ideas for everyone

The last part of my method includes the list of the top types of experience gifts with the information you need to make the very best choices. This is a list of over 70 gift experience ideas that will be updated regularly so please make sure you join our email list to get access to the most up to date information.

Pampering Experience Gift Ideas

Manicure and Pedicure $ 

Spa Day Pass $-$

Foot Spa $-$

Salon Treatment $-$

Blow Dry Bar $-$

Sauna Session $-$

Massage $-$$$

Salt Therapy $

Yoga Class or Private Session $-$

Reflexology Session $-$

Float Tank Session $-$ 

Food and Drink Gift Experience Ideas

Wine Tasting $-$$

Brewery Tour $-$$

Fondue Dinner $-$$

Local Food Tour $-$$

Cooking Class $-$$

Bar Crawl $-$$

Champagne Brunch $-$$

Private Chef or Cooking Lesson $$$$

Meal Kit Delivery $$-$$$

Dining in the Dark $$-$$$

Argentinian Steakhouse  $$

Arts and Culture Experience Gift Ideas

Dine In Movie Tickets $-$

Museum Pass $-$

Art Gallery Exhibit $-$

Theater Tickets $-$$

Painting/Wine Class  $-$

Concert or Play $-$$

Live Music Venue $-$

Local Arts Membership $$-$$$

Comedy Club $-$$

Pottery/Ceramic Studio $-$$

City Tour $-$$


Sports Experience Gift Ideas

Driving Range Pass $-$

Sports Lesson $-$$

Tickets to a sporting event $-$$

Race Track $-$

Driving Experience $$-$$

Paint Ball $-$

Bowling $

Billiards $

Race Entry $-$$

Sports Club Pass $-$$

Batting Cage $

Recreational Experience Gift Ideas

Water sports Rental $-$$$

Snow Sports Rental $-$$$

Kayak Tour $-$$

Boat Excursion $$-$$$

Rock Climbing $-$$

Snorkel $-$$

Biking Tour $-$$

Fishing Charter $-$$$

Segway Tour $-$$

Ropes or Obstacle Course $-$$

Dance Lesson $-$$

Skating Rink/Park $

Adventure Experience Gift Ideas

Helicopter Ride $$-$$

Hang gliding/ Parasailing $$-$$

Indoor Skydiving $$-$$$

Ziplining $$-$$$

Rafting $$-$$$

Amusement Center $-$$

Karting/Racing $-$$

Animal Encounter $$-$$$

ATV tour $$-$$$

Hot Air Balloon $$$-$$$$

Ropes or Obstacle Course $-$$


General Experience Gift Ideas

Monthly Subscription Kit $-$$$

Festival tickets  $-$$

Local Tour $-$$

Resort Pass $$-$$$

Photography Session $$-$$$

Local Attractions Pass $-$$

Open Table Gift Card $$-$$

Class or Training Session $-$$

Beach Day/ Club $-$$

Escape Room Pass $-$$

Restaurant and Movie Passes $$


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