Trifecta of Design Experience


Creativity paired with a computer can be a invaluable tool.  I can't paint or draw but give me Photoshop, and I am creative force to be reckoned with. I learned to create templates and designs to simplify my life. When financial issues arose, I took this skill a step further and built a successful side business based on these skills.


After 12 years of teaching, I took a risk and decided to make a career shift. I was a single mom, that found a way to earn a Master's degree in Instructional Design.  I branched out to the technological side of learning and  gained the opportunity to create courses, trainings, and coaching programs working from home.


In 2o15, I met Jonathan “Licensed Contractor” and fell in love.  We blended our families and I found that my  personal life wouldn’t be the only thing to change.  Our marriage gave me access to a whole new side of design. It wasn't long until our careers overlapped and I was able to apply my skills in home design and improvement.

creative design basics photo

A little over 3 years ago I took my “side income” and full time job and blended it into a position that allowed me to work from home. The end goal was not to just work from home, but to gain flexibility with my work schedule. This flexibility with my time and income allowed me to make changes in the way I was living and make tangible steps towards living my best life.

The biggest catalyst for my change was my mom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The progression of the disease helped me to see the importance of living in the now and truly enjoying life with loved ones. This website is dedicated to helping others find a way to add flexibility to their life.