Go Beyond -
Advertising, Guest Speaking, Sponsorships
- To Next Level Collaborations

Collaborations dominate media and advertising markets with co-branded campaigns, yet online courses still provide an untapped marketing channel for partnerships that can catapult growth!

A strategic Partnership

We use an exclusively developed system to find the right collaborations for each course that will maximize both learning and earning potential.

Collaborative Learning Content

We connect niche experts and influencers to new markets through collaborative e-learning contributions.

A ton of benefits


Grow your business, income, and audience all through educating others through collaborative online courses w with complimentary experts and influencers.

Complimentary Partners

We make sure that there is no direct competition between the co-contributors to a course. This allows a strategic partnership to be built with partners that compliment your audience and growth.

Professional Online Courses

The collaborative courses use the latest research-based strategies implemented by a talented team headed by an Instructional Designer with a Master's Degree in Educational Technology and Instructional Design.

Earning Potential

We have several options to earn our collaborations from your contribution. You will have the opportunity to choose the one that is right for you and your business.

It's Never been Easier to...

Grow your business by lending your expertise to a collaborative online course!

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